KARMEL 50 ML anti-aging cream for dry to normal skin types

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Skin type:
Normal, Normal to Dry, Dry
Anti-Aging, Moisture, Dehydration & Dryness, Daily and Night care
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Anti-aging wrinkle cream for dry and normal skin

This cream emulsion is a unique combination of active extracts of medicinal plants and Dead Sea minerals, protecting the skin from free radicals – one of the main causes of its premature aging.

Due to the high content of jojoba oils, wheat sprouts, etc., the cream softens the skin and provides a smoothing effect, enriches it with nutrients and vitamins.

The fruit acids contained in the cream have a brightening effect. Soothing extracts of geranium, lavender, and chamomile relieve skin redness and irritation.

The unique properties of immortelle oil stimulate the synthesis of collagen in epidermis cells, thus affecting the whole spectrum of age-related skin changes.


100 % vegetal Vegan ingredients.

Active ingredients: oils: jojoba, olive, sprouts of wheat, sage nutmeg, geranium, avocado, myrtle, sesame, immortelle, lavender, fennel, chamomile, lemongrass, citron and grapefruit; Shea butter; extractor hoods: olive leafs, citrus zest, cypress leafs, desert sage, elecampane, apple; beta-carotene, Dead Sea water.


It is recommended to store this product at temperatures between +5 and +35 C. After use, it must be carefully closed.

The minimum shelf life is 2 years provided the above requirements are met.



BPA free

No palm oil



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