Dry/dehydration skin full complex

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Skin type:
Dry, Normal, Combination, Normal to Dry
Usage time:
AM and PM
Anti-Aging, Acne treatment, Moisture, Dehydration & Dryness, Daily and Night care, Sun protection
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What It does?

These formulations were created to replenish and rejuvenate dry skin, while bolstering the skin’s natural defensive barrier, which can help seal in precious moisture.

Kit includes:

  • – Karmel cream emulsion is a unique combination of active extracts of medicinal plants and Dead Sea minerals, protecting the skin from free radicals. The unique properties of ingredients stimulate the synthesis of collagen in epidermis cells, thus affecting the whole spectrum of age-related skin changes.
  • – Boker – tonic lotion based on organic plant extracts. It gently cleanses and restores the skin's natural hydrobalance, increasing its ability to retain moisture for a long time.
  • – Aviv – Enriched lotion based on organic plant extracts. It gently and effectively cleanses and soothes the skin without causing a dry feeling. It prepares the skin for the subsequent application of cosmetic products and promotes their effectiveness.
  • – Tsukim – Balm for wrinkles and puffiness under the eyes. Unique product features lifting, moisturizing and tonic characteristics. Can be a replacement for day and night moisturizing creams.
  • – Tishrei – Pilling mask is used for the following purpose: skin whitening (primarily the face skin, as well as the whole body),removal of hyperpigmentation stains, boosting the regeneration of skin cells, slow down the appearance of wrinkles, skin nutrition. 
  • – Meshi – serum for nourishing, restoring and moisturizing the skin
    Preparation is a phytocomplex that actively restores and firms the skin. It contains a high concentration of components that improve the production of elastin fibers.

Benefits of Use

  • – Use the complete system to best results 
  • – Skin is lifted and firmer 
  • – Fewer line and wrinkles 
  • – Rich, long lasting hydration 
  • – Reduction in skin discoloration and rosacea – Smooth radiant skin – Refined texture 


  • – 100% natural organic ingredients grown in the Judean Desert.
  • – Highly concentrated healing properties in botanical ingredients
  • – Minreral-rich Dead Sea water
  • – No added chemicals
  • – Cruelty-free



BPA free

No palm oil



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