BOTO-V 50 ML neck and low neck lifting balm

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Lifting balm for neck and décolleté zone

This lifting balm is designed for intensive care of delicate skin of the neck and décolleté area, which requires special care, deep moisturizing, and nourishing. The rich formula contains a plant complex similar in action to the Botox effect.

The highly concentrated ointment improves the elasticity and firmness of the face, neck, and décolleté skin. Unlike conventional cosmetic products, it does not contain carcinogenic substances that reduce the natural regeneration of the skin.

Vegetable extracts of mastic wood rose and cypress, St. John’s wort, geranium, and rosewood, which have the ability to retain moisture in skin cells.

Active plant components increase collagen production by epidermis cells, visibly tighten the contour and reduce skin sagging. The appearance of the skin improves after 2-3 days, a more stable and pronounced effect is achieved after 4-6 weeks of use.


100 % vegetal Vegan ingredients

Active ingredients: Shea butter, avocado oil, rose, hemp, cypress, rose tree, lavender, geranium, jojoba seed oil, St. John’s wort extract, green tea. Contains natural sun protection factor SPF 13, which is present in Shea tree oil.


It is necessary to store this product at temperatures between +5 and +35 C.

To avoid oxidation, you can only use wooden or plastic sticks to pick up the cream from the jar. After application, it is necessary to close the jar carefully.

The minimum shelf life is 2 years provided that the above requirements are met.



BPA free

No palm oil



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