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Anti-Aging All-natural Israeli Cosmetics

Take the best of what nature and technology has to offer. Nourish, revitalize and rejuvenate your skin with 100% organic plant-based beauty products.

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Feel The Healing Power Of Nature... at home

The most unique plants from Judean Desert at your fingertips. Each product contains herbs and minerals that moisturise, tighten and refresh your skin. They have absorbed the winds, sun, and sand to create robust protection components that will keep your skin young. These plants are hard to find elsewhere in the world, but with Herbs of Kedem they are now closer to you than ever.

Become 10 years younger

Discover the products with exceptional natural formula that soothes wrinkles and removes dark circles. All items contain herbs and minerals that survive in extreme climate and developed qualities to revitalise the cells. 95% of women claim effectiveness after just 3 weeks of use!

Power of Nature

Every cosmetics product is a combination of the old recipes and the latest technology. It includes essences and aromatic oils of around 15–25 plants and each has a special healing power.

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